[2013 Assessment] Copyright in Chile

by Digital Rights LAC on January 28, 2014

Collage Copyright

At Digital Rights LAC we wanted to ask different specialists in the region about their personal appraisals on digital rights issues. This is the case of Francisco Vera from Chile. We asked him: What is the most critical aspect of the TPP concerning intellectual property for countries in our region?

The greatest threat to human rights in Chile’s digital environment is not posed by a lawsuit or bill but by a free trade agreement known as the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership). Negotiations for this agreement are being secretely conducted among 12 countries from the Asian Pacific and most of the information available about these negotiations was leaked by some of its chapters.

This agreement poses a threat against both Chile as well as Latin America because it exceeds the scope of what is traditionally viewed as free trade, comprising sensitive regulations concerning intellectual property and continuing down the path of failed bills such as SOPA and PIPA, which posed serious violations of the human right to expression and information, privacy, access to information and due process under the pretext of regulating certain aspects of the internet and protecting copyright.

What is currently being negotiated in the TPP is the surrender of several tools for controling the internet to rights holders, in detriment of the general public, opening the door to mechanisms for removing content without a judicial order and implementing systems for disconnecting infringing users, thus forcing internet service providers to control and monitor our online activity.

Countries that are under immediate threat are Chile, Peru and Mexico; however, the risk extends to the rest of the region as well since shady and untransparent de facto norms are being imposed on an international level. It is believed the TPP will be signed by mid 2014, which is why today, more than ever, we must demand an open and transparent TPP. For more information visit tppabierto.net.

* Translated by Paula Arturo