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Toward freer lands on the Internet

by Digital Rights LAC on April 6, 2015

Internet Service Providers in Latin America are increasing data plans that include free access to certain popular applications or not involving consumption of data plan. The “zero rating” arrived in the region and not all are happy.

Pyrawebs: Scanned Terror Files

by Digital Rights LAC on March 1, 2015

With the excuse of cracking down on crime, Paraguay wants internet providers to store the data of all users for a year. The danger of mass surveillance has returned to the country. By Maricarmen Sequera and David Bogado, TEDIC. It was around 1992, in a police station in Lambaré, that (…)  Leer Artículo »

Paraguay: Democracy and Freedom of Expression in Digital Justice

by Digital Rights LAC on March 1, 2014

The fragile protection of freedom of expression in Paraguay and its limited development on the internet is just another indication of how slow the consolidation process is in the transition toward a democracy that is respectful of human rights and a State that guarantees digital justice among its residents. By (…)  Leer Artículo »