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Marco Civil is not broken, but pushing cybercrime guesses into it will do the trick

by Digital Rights LAC on June 1, 2016

To me, what is truly scary is the unbelievably poor substance of the justification for the bills that affect individual liberties protected in Marco Civil. In the supporting texts that are expected to provide the grounds for the proposals, not a single statistic data is given that is directly connected to the intended policy intervention.

Collaborative development in Labhacker: including the “external element”

by Digital Rights LAC on December 16, 2015

The Labhacker came in the wake of innovation laboratories for citizenship that are emerging in various parts of the world. We’re talking about Hacker Laboratory of the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies, which was created from the conducting of a hackathon aimed at developing projects of transparency and participation in the federal legislative process.

Draft Bill 215/2015, infanticide to the newly-born digital rights in Brazil

by Digital Rights LAC on October 27, 2015

“PL Espião” reintroduces a regulatory and punitive agenda for Internet that seemed to have stayed in the past and that was a launching element for the articulation of a regulation focused in the civil sphere.

Technology and political participation

by Digital Rights LAC on September 23, 2015

There is a scenario still quite unfavorable in Brazil for greater effectiveness of direct democratic participation in the legislative framework in relation to the commencement of popular initiative bill.

Three years of the Access to Information Act: for a culture of transparency

by Digital Rights LAC on August 24, 2015

In the month that the law fulfills three years of validity, Article 19, non-governmental human rights organization dedicated to promoting and protecting freedom of expression, including access to information, has released the second edition of Law Monitoring Access to Public Information report, for the year 2014.

Open education and open educational resources in the Brazilian public policy

by Digital Rights LAC on July 14, 2015

OER are teaching, learning and research materials, fixed in any medium or media, preferably on platforms or open formats (free software), which are in the public domain or licensed openly, allowing them to be used or adapted by others.

Polarization and electoral hangover

by Digital Rights LAC on June 12, 2015

Once past the competitive 2014 elections, the country is going through a delicate moment. On one hand, the new government composition is expected to seek a reconciliation tone. On the other, it is already clear that it will be a difficult and painful process due to the intense political polarization.

Toward freer lands on the Internet

by Digital Rights LAC on April 6, 2015

Internet Service Providers in Latin America are increasing data plans that include free access to certain popular applications or not involving consumption of data plan. The “zero rating” arrived in the region and not all are happy.

The online mobilization against Jair Bolsonaro, Julien Blanc and the rape culture

by Digital Rights LAC on February 26, 2015

By Michael Freitas Mohallem* In March 2014 the world was surprised by the results of the research “Social tolerance to violence against women”  by the Institute of Applied Economic Research (IPEA), which indicated that Brazil is a country that tolerates violence against women. More than 65% of men had agreed (…)  Leer Artículo »

Life is beta

by Digital Rights LAC on January 30, 2015

Brazil: the practical reality still places us at an institutional opacity level, far from an ideal transparency situation. This less optimistic reading can be confirmed with numbers, both globally and nationally. By Paulo Rená Santarém Government transparency in Brazil: on the right track, but there is still a long way to (…)  Leer Artículo »

Private profiles in public places

by Digital Rights LAC on October 29, 2014

by Dennys Antonialli*, Francisco Brito Cruz** and Mariana Giorgetti Valente*** Imagine a world that when you are involved in a lawsuit a judge can, before making a decision, check your profile on social networks. Who your friends are, what places you usually go to, your pictures at parties, comments on (…)  Leer Artículo »

Mapping Digital Media: Brazil

by Digital Rights LAC on September 30, 2014

Due to the growing need to better understand the technological and cultural transformations that digitization has caused in the production and consumption of content and news, and recognizing the importance of guaranteeing access to abundant and reliable information, researchers from the Center for Technology and Society (CTS/ FGV Rio Law (…)  Leer Artículo »